Hire Charge - Andy's Gas Cylinders

Hire Charge for Each Andy's Gas Cylinder is currently:


This is a non-refundable charge,

and is by no means a deposit.

Each cylinder remains the absolute property of Andy's Gas at all times.

If you no longer require the cylinder(s) please return to:

Andy's Gas, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, BS10 7TU.


Call us to arrange a free collection on: 0117 9074327

When cylinders are returned to Andy's Gas and is:

  • in good condition
  • Accompanied by the original receipt of hire charge paid
  • returned within the time frames below

A small percentage of the charge will be calculated and returned to you as follows:


1 year 50% = £22.50

2 years 40% = £18.00

3 years 30% = £13.50

4 years 20% = £9.00

5 years 10% = £4.50

After these time frames there is no value left in any hire charge(s) previously paid,

Alternatively, you can return any Andy's Gas cylinder(s) for storage and avoid future hire charge(s) on a new Andy's Gas cylinder in the future if you decide to start using gas cylinders again.

Thank you for reading through our Hire Charge T&C's.
JDH - Andy's Gas (UPDATED 08/06/2021)