Safefill Cylinders

When we asked people what they wanted from their bottled cylinders they said:

  • It should be light, I want to be able to carry it
  • I want to see how much gas I have left
  • It should be easy to refill
  • I don’t want to pay a premium for small amounts of gas

So we introduced the Safefill cylinder to meet every one of your needs. 

Our cylinder now comes in 3 different sizes: 

Small, Medium & Large.

The Safefill translucent bottle allows you to see how much gas is left - 

so no more estimating, and our automatic overfill protection device 

prevents filling beyond 80%, ensuring complete safety.

Large Safefill 10kg Refillable Cylinder 

Large 10KG Cylinder

Capacity: 19.5 litres

Height: 571 mm

Diameter: 305 mm

Medium Safefill 7.5kg Refillable Cylinder 

Medium 7.5KG Cylinder

Capacity: 14.5 litres

Height: 468 mm

Diameter: 305 mm

Small Safefill 5kg Refillable Cylinder 

Small 5KG Cylinder

Capacity: 9.5 litres

Height: 384 mm

Diameter: 305 mm

Our Contact Details for SafeFill

Unit I
Great Fenton
Business Park
Grove Road

Phone: +44(0) 1782 414526



Safety is Paramount at Safefill

Standard rented gas cylinders are not intended to be refilled by the customer - and much is said about the dangers and legal implications of doing so. We couldn’t agree more. 

Safefill cylinders are designed to be refilled.

Our cylinders, manufactured by Hexagon Ragasco, 

have an unmatched safety record and feature:

  • Automatic overfill prevention device - prevents refilling past 80%

  • Additional back-check valve if you accidentally forget to close the valve after filling

  • Tamper-proof fittings which only allow gas to exit when connected to an appliance

  • No complicated hoses or adapters to connect; UK filling guns fits directly onto the Safefill valve

General LPG Safety Advice

  • Always keep your cylinder in an upright position.

  • Do not drop your cylinder from your vehicle as damage to bottles and valves can be caused.

  • Never change or store cylinders in the presence of naked flames.

  • Never store or use below ground level, as any leakage will collect at low levels.

  • Storage should be well ventilated, preferably outdoors.

  • Don't use tools to operate bottle valves.

  • Check hoses regularly. Ensure the cylinder is properly secured with hose clips. If hoses are damaged or showing signs of wear, replace them (using hose of correct quality).

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